As the semester inches to a close, Freshers’ are still acquainting themselves with their new university environment.  The year that started with a booming Freshers’ Fete is slowing turning into academic frustration. Most enter university with thoughts of freedom and late-night revelry. Frankly, it has not been so. However, with Final Fete around the corner things are looking up.  

Both Freshers’ and Final Fete are coordinated by the University’s Students’ Union to culminate new beginnings and a job well done. For most college students partying is an integral part of their college experience. It creates a healthy balance between academics and leisurely activities it creates a memorable university experience. Other universities have their version of Fete, however, celebrating at your school is most anticipated.

Fete creates an atmosphere filled with music, entertainment, guest appearances, drinks and having a good time with a bunch of your friends on at UTech, Ja. campus. It is the perfect time to show off and show out in ways only Jamaica college students can. The University level is where style is developed and showcased and this party is the prime opportunity for most students to do this. As you go further in your university career, partying becomes less appealing but time is always reserved for Fete.

The College Vybz Production team made it our priority to be at Freshers’ fete this year 2018. We got our cameras ready and rolling to capture the fun and euphoric moments at ‘Freshaz Fete’.The Utech Barn was flocked with energetic patrons ready to party and have a great time. The music lineup was excellent, a mixture of dancehall, reggae, pop and gospel mixes had the crowd wanting more.

Looking back we can safely say that the ‘College Vybz’ was real. Commendations to the planning committee and UTech, Ja. Students’ Union for another party well done, looking forward to the Final Fete.

Written by: Gabrielle Edwards & Edited by: Terry-Ann Edwards


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