Utech, Ja. Lecturers Struck by Sickness

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Utech,Ja. Lecturers Struck by Sickness

The beginning of a new semester can sometimes be unbearable, especially if you are rushing to get home from the J1 (Work and Travel) Program to make final payments and to select classes on time. With no knowledge of what was to come, students showed up to the third week of the semester to a University deprived of lecturers.The news was soon communicated to the media that Lecturers at the University of Technology Jamaica had taken three days sick leave beginning on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 and ending on Friday of the same week. This passive move by the Union was taken as a result of delayed salary adjustments.  

Members of staff expressed frustration at being held in abeyance. A source within the University had explained that it was the hope of the Union that their action would cause a rippling effect on the student populace that would force action by the Ministry of Education.  The University of Technology Academic Staff Union shares that the salary adjustment has been a topic of discussion for eight years.

During this period of absence, student were given little information about how to proceed. Memos from the President recommended that students attend classes and leave based on University lecturer absenteeism guidelines. As the resumption of classes took place the following Monday, some lecturers provided students with the material that they would have missed. Sources : http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/latestnews/Lecturers_at_UTech_stage_sit-in_protest?profile=16




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